All Nova Scotians love to travel. It’s central to our history, from our very beginnings as settlers in a New World, to our trading days as masters of the oceans in the Age of Sail, to the modern era of travel around the world for both business and pleasure.

Over the years, the most accessible and popular travel destination has always been our own backyard, which makes sense, given the natural wonders of the region. With the rise of the eco-friendly tourism industry of the 21st century, more Nova Scotians than ever before are moving away from the commercial attractions, and heading out into the wilderness to explore our region by hiking along its myriad trails, channeling the independent and adventurous spirit of our ancestors from all cultures, from the Scots to the Mi’kmaq.

In Walkabout, host Andrew Younger travels those trails, profiling the unique natural beauty to be found along each one of them and learning about the history of the area. From hillwalking in the Highlands of Cape Breton, to scrambling over the rocky trails along the South Shore, the series exploresNova Scotia in a way that is true to our heritage, and which shows our Province in all of its wonder and splendour.