Roundabout from Winter Light Productions on Vimeo.

Annie Briggs stars as Leda Calder, a young talk radio host haunted by her role in the tragic death of her best friend Jenny (Nicole Steeves). She begins to find a measure of happiness in a new relationship with her producer Jeremy (Josh Denaro), but her inability to let go of the past threatens her future. Trapped in a purgatory of her own making, Leda must find her way to redemption, before she loses everything once and for all.

86 minutes, B&W / Colour

Bonus features: Interviews with Annie Briggs and Sandy MacLean talking about their experiences making Roundabout; 3 deleted scenes.

“Roundabout is a thought-provoking and compelling new feature film by Canadian writer – director Paul Kimball that reminds us of the everyday, and the kinds of horror and general oddity that we all think about when we’re walking home alone, passing a dark alley, or peering past the window and out into the darkness. The visuals seen throughout the film – presented both by the actors, as well as the landscapes – hint at the strange desolation that represents that ultimate human fear… of being alone. If you get a chance to see this film, don’t miss it.”
– Micah HanksThe Micah Hanks Radio Program (KGRA Radio)

Written & Directed by Paul Andrew Kimball

Producers: John Rosborough, Ron Foley Macdonald

Executive Producers: Andrew Mark Sewell, Paul Andrew Kimball

Director of Photography: Darryl LeBlanc

Music: Imran Ahmad

Starring Annie Briggs, Nicole Steeves, Sandy MacLean, Josh Denaro, Veronica Reynolds

Director’s Cut Release Date: 10 December 2017