The Saucer Life – “The acting is good, and gets better as you begin to realize what’s really going on. The writing is clever and the direction is superb, alternating between open and claustrophobic in a manner that is perfectly suited to the script. One of the best things about it is that the film is very difficult to categorize—thriller? Sure! Domestic drama? Absolutely! Comedy? I laughed out loud often while watching it. Parts are mind-bending, and parts are refreshingly clear and easy to follow. My advice is to settle in, and for 90 minutes immerse yourself in this world.” (Full Review)

Radio Misterioso – “In the great tradition of surreal sci-fi comes Aliens With Knives. With its roots deep in classic (and silly) flying saucer movies, the Troma oeuvre, and even Ed Wood, the cast and direction in the film are on target with an oblique and modern take on the genre. Principals Holly Stevens, Bill Corkum, and Sharleen Kalayil never resort to the obvious and take the script (by Struan Sutherland and Nicole Steeves, and lead actor Corkum) to places that are by turns quirky, deadpan, and uproariously funny.” (Full review)

Binnall of America – “The movie has a gleeful absurdity to it that is infectious. There were several moments and lines that not only had me cracking up as I was watching it, but have kept popping up in my head ever since I saw the movie and they are still making me laugh even as I’m writing this.” (Full review)

The Daily Grail – “Aliens with Knives has less to do with Chris Carter, and is more reminiscent of Robert Rodriguez’s giddy irreverence in El Mariachi… All in all, this enjoyable lowbrow albeit-intelligent comedy could be used as Litmus test on anyone with an interest in the UFO/alien topic: If you can’t laugh with this, you’re probably taking the subject a tad too seriously, brah!” (Full review)