The Last Divide

Writer / Director Dillon Garland’s second feature film “The Last Divide” premiered as part of the Cinema 902 series for Eastlink TV on Saturday, March 31st.

Colby Conrad stars In this post-apocalyptic thriller about a drifter seeking revenge on Ryan (Holly Stevens), a gang leader he believes has killed his younger sister Chloe (Phoebe Rex). After learning that Chloe is still alive, he enlists a stranger named Kelsey (Tia Andriani) to help him find Chloe before it’s too late.

Written & Directed by Dillon Garland
Producer: Ron Foley Macdonald
Executive Producer: Paul Andrew Kimball
Supervising Producer: James Kimball
Director of Photography: Chelsea Comeau

Tia Andriani as Kelsey.
Produced in association with Eastlink TV.
Produced with the assistance of the Government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund.
Filmed on location in Nova Scotia.