Esotericon 2018 – Greg Bishop

Greg Bishop is a Los Angeles-based researcher, author, and radio host with a longstanding interest in the paranormal and esoterica. He co-founded The Excluded Middle in 1991, a journal of UFOs, conspiracy research, psychedelia and new science. His books include Wake Up Down There,  Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth, Weird California, and It Read More …

Episode 1 – 2 November 2017

In the debut episode of 60 Minute Time Limit, Paul and Dillon provide their take on which storytelling and character ideas were winners on this week’s episodes of WWE programming, and which were not. They then dive deep into the release of Emma from the WWE roster and how that represents a complete failure by WWE creative in making the best use out of a talented performer. They then move on to a discussion of who are currently the best storytellers inside a WWE ring, and then close out the episode with a back-and-forth about the storytelling concept of factions, and how the WWE is missing the boat by not using it to greater effect.

View 902 Podcast Episode 3 – Silver Donald Cameron

In this episode of the View 902 podcast Paul Kimball is joined by author, journalist and activist Silver Donald Cameron to talk about his most recent book, Warrior Lawyers – From Manilla to Manhattan: lawyers for the earth, which contains a series of interviews that Don conducted with people around the world who have used the law as a tool to achieve environmental justice. They discuss the concept of natural law, and our duty of care as human beings to the planet and to the creatures with which we share it, and talk about a couple of examples from the book of lawyers and others who have engaged in citizen activism and used the law to combat corporate wrongdoing and change government policy on the environment. Paul ends with a song he wrote way back in 1991 and recorded, but never released, with his band Julia’s Rain in 1995. Called “Shadows Grow”, it is sadly even more relevant today than ever. “Our pockets kill the fields” is still true, but thankfully folks like Silver Donald Cameron and the men and women he interviews in Warrior Lawyers are making a real and vital difference.

View 902 Podcast, Ep. 2 – Dillon Garland

In this episode of the View 902 podcast, Paul Kimball is joined by his good friend and fellow director Dillon Garland for a discussion about the state of independent filmmaking in Nova Scotia, particularly for a young filmmaker like Dillon, as well as his first feature film Afraid to Speak, which debuted this past fall at the Parrsboro Film Festival after being snubbed by the Atlantic Film Festival (which they discuss). Along the way, Dillon talks about his upbringing in the Shelburne region, what inspired him to get into filmmaking in the first place, and where he wants to go from here. Paul and Dillon also get into an in-depth conversation about what it’s like working with actors, and how trust between actors and a director is fundamental to being a successful filmmaker. Finally, they manage to find time to chat about pro wrestling, telepathic space otters, and their experiences at the old Shelburne Sound Stage.

View 902 – Episode 1: Aaron John Gulyas

In the debut episode of the View 902 Podcast, Paul Kimball chats with historian Aaron John Gulyas. They cover an eclectic range of subjects, including  the strange life and times of Albert K. Bender and his role in creating the Men In Black mythos (the subject of Aaron’s presentation at the 2016 East Coast Paraconference in Liverpool, Nova Scotia back in early August), why Read More …